Welcome to CyCorps!

Years ago, CyCorps was a Quake clan. Back in the day when Quakeworld was the best online multiplayer FPS, we had a good ol' time running around DM3, shooting and getting shot at. We enjoyed playing team Quake so much that we organized the TNQL, Thursday Night Quake League. While searching for TNQL hits, I came across the old logo:

The search found me the logo, and even better it brought me to the webpage of the great El_Tigre[CyC].

Just about when Quake 2 came out, we quit playing together and drifted apart. Hawkins[CyC] has done the best job of keeping in contact with other members, and even he doesn't know where most have gotten off to, although he is friends in RL with Haywood[CyC]. He emailed me one day last summer and asked if I had been playing Battlefield 2 at all. I hadn't purchased it, and hadn't been playing any games online or much at all, but went out and picked it up. What a game! It's much better for team play than Quake ever was.

I was inspired to snag cycorps.com since it was available, and have finally gotten around to putting this lame page up. But perhaps it will be enough to attract the attention of an old member or two. If any of you see this, shoot me an email at pagan@cycorps.com. Below is a partial list of members, let me know who I am forgetting.

El Tigre
Babe Ruth <- I know where he is, but he's too much of an old fart now to play games ;-P
Xero (or was it Xero-G?)
And there was that pesty kid who lived in Atlanta, what was his name again?
Who else am I forgetting? I know there were others. My apologies, it has been quite a while.

This is what we looked like:

Pretty stylish, huh?

As mentioned above, Hawkins turned me onto Battlefield 2. I've spent too much time playing it since and still haven't gotten beyond mediocre as you can see here. But if any of you guys are out there and have BF2, let's get together and play as a squad some time!

Now I'm doing this: EVE Online. Give it a try! If you join using that link, let me know and I'll send you the in-game reward for using that referral link.

Next game that looks good: Star Citizen. Dumb name but potentially a great game. Set up a CyCorps 'organization' which you are welcome to join.